Experimental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (EFDLab) 實驗流體動力學研究室




In the field of hydraulic, coastal and ocean engineering, EFDLab is the sole research group awarded by the Taiwan MOST Young Scholar FellowshipEinstein Program. The goals of the main funded project are to investigate the effects of air during high-speed fluid impacts on solid surfaces, and quantitatively understand the mechanism with qualitative measurement techniques for liquid-gas mixed flows. Further objectives contain advancement/development of experimental methods and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithm in analysis. Moreover, establishment of numerical modeling is part of goals.


In addition to high-speed fluid impacts, EFDLab also covers a wide range of research topics, including fixed/floating marine structures interacting with extreme waves, UAS-based nearshore bathymetry derivation & topographic survey, algorithm development for atmospheric motion vector (AMV) derivation, and sizing & energy dissipation evaluation for flocculation processes. The next stage would extend to some marine environment issues, such as ocean plastic pollution or Sea surface microlayer.


EFDLab warmly welcomes students from various fields for project or graduate study, and researchers for establishing academic collaboration. We are also open to work with government, companies, organizations, etc., in solving practical challenges.


PhD student (1)

Research topic:
Development of the engineering strategies in reducing hydrodynamic loading due to extreme wave loads.

Preferred qualifications:

  (1) Background in hydrodynamics or aerodynamics

  (2) Familiar with flow quantification techniques.

  (3) Familiar with numerical tools


  • Marine Environment and Engineering

  • Marine Engineering and Technology


In addition to stipend from funded projects, NSYSU provides tuition wavier, free housing, and additional stipend to excellent international students.

碩士生(額滿), 大三(額滿),  大二(額滿),  大一(2名)

  (1) 極端巨浪衝擊海洋結構物下之兩相流體動力研究
  (2) 空拍影像應用

  (3) 影像量化演算法開發及應用

  (4) 高精度實驗造波水槽建置

  (5) 機電控制在海工結構物模擬之應用

  (1) 影像處理及量化分析
  (2) 攝影學及相關器材知識
  (3) 儀器操作及類比訊號擷取
  (4) 計算流體力學
  (5) 無人機操駕及三軸穩定器調校
  (6) Python及MATLAB
  (7) 3D機械製圖
  (8) 3D列印及基礎工業加工(創客)


National Sun Yat-sen University

Dept. of Marine Environment and Engineering

07-5252-000 ext 5184



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